We are used to believe that it is good to be optimistic, and a pessimist is bad. But is it? Perhaps we should learn to perceive life realistically. Life-KOOD and blogger Mila Kachovsk believes: a realistic view of the world allows us to become a self-sufficient personality and take place.

I write these lines for friends, relatives, acquaintances and strangers, who, for some reason, consider me the embodiment of the ideas of positive psychology. How many times in response to my articles I https://meilleurvoyanceamourrichesse.com/17-facons-de-plaire-aux-5-sens-d-une-femme-qui-a/ received comments from the series: “You are such a positive person. If I could become such an optimist!»To be honest, it is at a dead end. I never considered myself an optimist.

Moreover, it seems to me that people who call themselves optimists are hypocritical. No one can think exclusively positively. Our world is dual, and our thinking too. They come to our minds both “bad” and “good” thoughts. But all this is conditional and relative.

Positive thinking can be dangerous. Very often it is perceived as follows: “Whatever happens, think about it as something good, call it differently, put on pink glasses. The world is beautiful!»I constantly see the announcements of seminars and master classes on positive perception and consider them real profanity.

As possible when wars are in the world, there is non -rights, violence, people die from incurable diseases? And some kind of coach, meanwhile, inspires you: “Life is amazing, the sun shines, the sky is blue, live and rejoice, you have a lot of opportunities. All in your hands. The main thing is to learn to see only good “.

In fact, our world is far from perfect. No, I do not urge to fall into depression on this subject, but let’s look at life soberly. I do not consider myself an optimist or a pessimist. I’m realist. And my glass is always full. Only the ratio of water and air is always different.

You decide. You can admire everyone without exception, blocking unpleasant thoughts and turning a blind eye to tragic events. And you can live with the feeling that everything is terrible – you cannot fix anything, and it remains only to eke out the meaningless existence in the world of deception, war and injustice. Only now is it worth it? I urge you to think realistically and do everything to improve this world. You can start right now.

Analyze what is happening

“I don’t watch the news,” says my friend. – There are only disasters and murders. “. This position is very popular today. But I personally have nothing to talk about with people who adhere to her. You need to know what is happening in the world. You need to let it through it. On our planet, both bad and good. You need to know about it. But do not get hung up on the bad, how you should not live in the world of illusions.

Find out the news, listen to different points of view, draw your own conclusions.

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